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Overkill Racing

Dummy Bomb Piggy Bank DIY Weld Practice Kit FREE SHIPPING!

Dummy Bomb Piggy Bank DIY Weld Practice Kit FREE SHIPPING!

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These DIY dummy bomb piggy bank kits are a fantastic welding project for those who are looking to practice those open corner welds and a use of general fabrication tools, plus the bottle opener on the fin and coin slot make them a totally functional conversation piece haha! The intricate keyway design allows for these kits to essentially snap together and with the included instructions you can ensure the parts are all the correct orientation prior to welding out. These 21 piece plate kits are available in 3/16" or 1/8" HRPO Steel, 1/8" 304 Stainless Steel, or 1/8" 6061 Aluminum. All variants are CNC laser cut with nitrogen making them ready to weld out of the box! 

For those who would like a professionally MIG or TIG welded out Dummy Bomb of your choice of material by our very own lead welder Rodrigo Rodarte (@rr_fab) here's your chance! We will be offering a limited run of pre-welded display bombs, which are a fantastic option for those who want to display the bomb but either don't know how to weld or aren't quite confident in their welding abilities just yet. As you can see "Rod" has perfected the stack of dimes MIG welding technique and this weld bomb (shown) is proudly displayed in our front foyer.

As with our other DIY kits, be sure to submit your final welded product to our Instagram page @OVERKILLRACINGANDCHASSIS for a chance to have your DIY dummy bomb piggy bank listed on our website description below!


  Detailed Instructions help guide you through step by step assembly. 
Fin keyway's allow for proper alignment and orientation of the ever important bottle opener!
Unique alignment tabs make for a straight forward assembly process and orient all of the components properly.  



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