Motorsports Welding Practice Kit

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These welding kits are fantastic TIG and MIG practice for those looking at getting into off road and motorsports fabrication. This kit mimics a very similar fit-up design found in many off-road race truck roll cages and is intended for those who are looking for real world application practice. This kit like all our other kits, is polished removing any and all milscale and surface imperfections as well as CNC cut and marked allowing for perfect fit up and instruction free assembly. We offer many other more affordable kits available, but again for those who are focused on getting into motorsports fabrication, we highly recommend investing in this kit to get a step ahead of the curve and have a physical sample piece to add to your resume.

Also, be sure to submit a photo of your final product on our Instagram @overkillracingandchassis for a chance for it to be featured on our page and in the media description below!